:star2: Blast Off to Discover Galaxy Cats Vet Center! :feet::sparkles:
Embark on a feline adventure as Dr. Kjellberg, the visionary behind Galaxy Cats Vet Center, sits down with local realtor Christy Santos to unravel the enchanting world of cat care! Join them for an insightful discussion and an exclusive clinic tour that unveils the heart and soul of Galaxy Cats.
:rocket: Galaxy Cats Vet Center Highlights:
  • Explore the unique approach to feline-exclusive care.
  • Gain insider knowledge on the latest pet services and veterinary advancements.
  • Follow Dr. Kjellberg and Christy Santos as they take you through the state-of-the-art facilities at Galaxy Cats.
:rainbow: Join the Journey: Discover how Galaxy Cats Vet Center is redefining the standards of pet care in Newcastle. From the clinic’s philosophy to its commitment to furry companions, this blog post is your ticket to an immersive experience.
Read the full interview and clinic tour on our blog: Galaxy Cats Vet Center with Dr. Kjellberg and Christy Santos